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The SAND Lab (Systems, Algorithms, Networking and Data) at UCSB is co-directed by Professor Ben Y. Zhao and Professor Heather Zheng. Our research spans topics in networked systems, social networks, wireless networks, security, data mining and modeling. Lab members includes (8-9) PhD and MS students, undergrad researchers, and visiting scholars. For prospective students interested in joining the lab, please read this FAQ on UCSB, and then our lab information here.

Current Research Areas

Research at the SAND lab encompasses topics across multiple areas, most heavily centered around three core areas: wireless and mobile systems, social networks: measurements and security, and graph analysis and modeling. Please see individual links below for more information on specific ongoing projects and related publications.

Wireless and Mobile Systems


Social Networks: Measurements and Security

  • Projects
  • Malicious Crowdsourcing and Defenses
  • Detecting Spam and Sybils in Social Networks
  • Measurements of Social Systems and Networks

Recent Papers (2014-2015)

  • WWW: Energy and Performance of Smartphone Radio Bundling in Outdoor Environments
  • CSCW: Crowds on Wall Street: Extracting Value from Collaborative Investing Platforms
  • IMC: Whispers in the Dark: Analysis of an Anonymous Social Network
  • HotWireless: Towards Commoditized Real-time Spectrum Monitoring
  • Mobicom: Cutting the Cord: A Robust Wireless Facilities Network for Data Centers
  • Mobicom: Demystifying 60GHz Outdoor Picocells
  • QShine: Understanding Data Hotspots in Cellular Networks
  • Usenix Security: Man vs. Machine: Practical Adversarial Detection of Malicious Crowdsourcing Workers
  • ICWSM: Link and Triadic Closure Delay: Temporal Metrics for Social Network Dynamics
  • TKDD: Uncovering Sybils in the Wild
  • Hotnets: On the Validity of Geosocial Mobility Traces
  • VLDB: On the Embeddability of Random Walk Distances

Available Software Downloads
* Measurement-calibrated graph models
* Graph Coordinate Systems (Orion, Rigel, Leo)

News and Upcoming Deadlines

  • CFP: NSF SaTC, 1/14/15-Small

  • 11/2014: Heather is selected as IEEE Fellow! Congrats Heather!
  • 7/2014: Congrats to Gang, Bolun, Tianyi, Ana on their IMC paper (anon. social networks)
  • 7/2014: Congrats to Ana, ZZB, Xia on their HotWireless paper (commodity crowdsensing)
  • 7/2014: Ben is finally a full professor. What took so long?!
  • 6/2014: Congrats to Yibo, ZZB, Chris on their Mobicom paper (60GHz picocells)
  • 6/2014: Congrats to Yibo, Xia, ZZB, Lin on their Mobicom paper (wireless DC control planes)